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We work at the Horniman Museum and Gardens' stores and come across all manner of interesting, unusual and fascinating finds.
Here we share a few we like with you, but there are lots more listed on our website.

At the moment, we're mainly working on a collections review project: Collections People Stories, reviewing our Anthropology collections. You can learn more about all the collections at the Horniman on our website.

NB: we're not responsible for others reblogging or writing about our objects, but we hope you like these objects as much as we do.

Hear more about our projects on twitter @HornimanReviews.

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Any questions?  

Today the lovely kakapo (NH.37.59) has gone on his first outing as part of the Arts Council funded Objects in Focus loans programme. We have a selection of objects available for short term loan that come as a package with their own display case, information labels and an event related to the loan.

The kakapo is on display at the Gloucester City Museum and Art Gallery until the beginning of July so go and have a look!

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